The results of the four noble truths remain at hand.

ถ้าปฏิบัติได้ ปฏิบัติจริง ปฏิบัติถูก ปฏิบัติตรง ปฏิบัติชอบ และพิจารณาได้ พิจารณาจริง พิจารณาถูก พิจารณาตรง พิจารณาชอบ แน่นอน “มรรคผลนั้นคงอยู่แค่เอื้อมนั่นเอง”

If we do have real practical guidelines, the actual practices have been complied with consideration correctly.  "The results of the four noble truths remain at hand.”

Doctrines to day!

  • Laung Ta Phamahab >

    Tears flow at infinity with the loss of their creatures.The continual repetitive cycle of birth and death that arises suffering.He who is not born again does not sin.
  • Laung Pho Cha >

    Basically, human’s mind is essentially no different.   Apart tradition and custom are just outlook profits and language may look different, but feeling of human’s mind is unique
  • Laung Phu Doon Atulo >

    When we realize that the vision is real, but is not yet real in us.All appear in your vision, yet they are whole material world.They could not exist
  • Laung Pho Luaselingdam >

    Don’t be careless life living by overrating yourselves well.Every day, should find out your badness when you still having the rest periods.Quickly resolved that you’ll have found a
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