Wat Tham Sahai

Wat Tham Sahai

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The atmosphere of Wat Tham Sahaithammachan Nimit (Wat Tham Sahai, Wat pa tub gung) is peaceful. There is cool and beautiful cave. Clean, calm and suitable for those who are interested in Dhamma and meditation.


The former temple is the site of the "Latino work area" which is part of the Phu Sang area. This cave was originally used as a training ground for political and weapons. Sometimes also used as a hospital. When companion Sompong sacrificed from the ambush of the enemy, the mourning ceremony was held and kept his bones here. Then it was called that Tub Sompong. Later, the villagers went up the Phu (mountain) for hunting. They found more clues of friends at this cave. Then it was called "Tub Sahai". Until 1983-1984 a pilgrim has traveled in this area and found Sompong’s bone ash. He prayed to dedicate of merit and sprinkled Sompong’s bone ash in the footpath (jongkrom walkway). Then he asked for registration this temple that "Tham Sahaithammachan Nimit ".


Luang Pu is an admirable monk with a very strict in the discipline. He emphasizes meditation.

Time to worship and make merit.

08.00-09.00 am      Morning period

02.00-05.00 pm      Afternoon period

If someone brings something to offer after dining.Do not offer milk. Please give as an offeringsandthe thing that does not break the precepts. As well as don't take the photo.

How to meditate?

Dhamma practitioner's daily schedule

05.00 amGo to the kitchen for preparing food

06.30 amOffer food to luang pu

07.00 amHave a breakfast, washing, cleaning the kitchen.

13.00 pmSweep the waterfall

13.30 amDrinking pãna juice, together in the kitchen for preparing food before 5 pm

16.00 pmPray to the Buddha

18.00 pmMeditation


Address:Wat Tham Sahaithammachan Nimit, Moo 3, Tub Kung subdistrict, Nong Saeng district, Udon Thani province,


Head to the Udon-Loei highway (or Udon - Nong Bua Lam Phu).

Then, turn left to the direction of Nong Saeng district or Tharn Ngam waterfall.

Before entering Ban Khok Lad. There will be junction on a right hand side.

The sign says that the entrance to the "Phurin Tham Sahai".

Go straight to Wang Thong Tang village. Then, it will be the way up.

Turn left at Ban Pha Sing Junction. Measure the distance about 37 kilometers.


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