Wat Pa Phu Pha Pheung

Wat Pa Phu Pha Pheung

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The temple located in the foothill. Quiet surrounded by trees.


Wat Pa Phu Pha Pheung is a practicing temple of Luangpu Mun Bhuridatta's line; Luang Pu Kongma jirapunyo and Phra Ajarn Ban thanakaro. Wat Pa Phu Pha Pheung area is tens of thousands (the government authorities commit the temple to help care for the forest)


You can go to practice meditation at the convenience of each of you throughout the whole year both male and female. Let's keep real intent. The temple does not charge anything. Practitioners can donate expenses – food, electricity, etc. based on their faith. Most of people stay only one person in the room. Most accommodation has electricity and water systems. (The water goes down by the pipe from the mountain that can use throughout the year.) If the food is not enough, the kitchen will cook more.

How to meditate?

Practice by using Anapanasati (Breathing meditation into a mental attachment). Pronounce “Buddho” and body consideration. The practice will allow each person to behave according to their individual's strength.


Wat Pa Phu Pha Phueng is located near Amphoe Khao Wong, Kalasin Province (nearly the end of Mukdahan province.) It is about 14 km from Khao Wong. From Bangkok, take a bus from Mo Chit to Khao Wong, Kalasin (only about 1 bus per day.) But if you take the bus from Bangkok to Kuchi Narai (Buakhao), Kalasin. (It has buses almost all day.) Then take Songthaew car to Amphoe Khao Wong, Kalasin province. It can find a car easier. And take a minibus from Khao Wong to Baan San Wae – Baan Kham Phak Kood at Koktoom police station. Then take a motorcycle to the temple for about 6 km

If you go by private car, go along the route of Bangkok - Kalasin - Khao Wong - Baan San Wae - Baan Kham Phak Kood. Turn to the junction at Koktoom police station. It can go to the temple as well. (Travel may be difficult, but if there is enough time and perseverance. You will feel that is worth it.)


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