Wat Phatumwanwanaram

Wat Phatumwanwanaram

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Abbot : Par Tummatuthmunee

Address : 969 Parram 1 district Pathumvan , Pathumvan border , Bangkok 10330
Tol. 0(2)-251-6469

Phatumwanwanaram Temple History :

His majesty Chom Klao king 5 is merciful are kind to establish for give to His god Sirinthra majesty queen and build finished in year 2400.
South channel San-sab area which is the border of public farm this area has the state is the low-land is a basin , tiny pond there is the water cages always , thus , then has lotus differs the breed depends on all over in the rainy season has many water , these lotus will raise bouquet is verdant and the lotus in blossom are pleasing extremely. His Majesty royal thought that should do area this place to the place tours to are happy posture way watercourse by is merciful give dig a pond then to grow breed lotus differs.
People can come to here through all day for listen disquisition, sit the concentration 07.00 can to offer food to the monks on their alms round and to circumambulation around a temple round the Buddha's relics.

the thing that must prepare when come to ordain

1. A woman adds white shirt and white skirt , man shirt white and white trousers
2. nets
3. the personal effects is all , such as a toothbrush , soap
4. personal bottle water

The priests.

1. The ID card. And a copy extended to the staff at the Royal Hall . You will be issued an ID card. When the priest next time you just have to get the visa card (daily 8.00 am -16.00 pm) ordained a few days, but not more than 9 days.
2. They will make you turn white and recommend something , women to sleep under the royal pavilion. The men from the Forest Park Pavilion
3. Schedule will be posted on the boards of the hall bedroom.
During free time you can practice as you like
4. On the return journey. Bring ID to the officer at the table before 16.00

04.00 morning chanting
04.30 Yard clean up around the pavilion
07.00 to offer food to the monks on their alms round
08.00 Breakfast at the dining hall.
09.00-10.00 listen disquisition, sit the concentration
10.30 to offer forenoon meal
15.30 listen disquisition, sit the concentration
17.00-18.30 Yard clean up around the pavilion
19.00-21.00 evening chanting and listen disquisition, sit the concentration

The bus line. 15, 16, 25, 40, 48, 54, 73, 204
Siam BTS station

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