Wat Pa Ampawan

Wat Pa Ampawan

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This spacious and beautiful monastery is the residence of Venerable Ajarn Jundee Kantasāro who was ordained by Venerable Ajarn Chah in 1975. Venerable Ajahn Jundee has spent two years in Australia in the eighties, and ever since has generously supported the forest sangha monasteries outside Thailand with frequent visits and teachings. Wat Pa Ampawan is situated Chonburi province. It is the 42nd branching monastery of Wat Nong Pa Pong in Thailand.


Visakha Bucha day, year 2531 (1988) is the auspicious day because it is the birth date of Wat Pa Ampawan. The Buddhists have supporting to do a big charity by dedicate land to carry out the teachings of the Buddha, and to perform Buddhism activities in the future.

After the ceremony of offering Land was finished, approaching soon it’s time for Buddhist Lent – when Buddhist monks are in the period of rain retreat 3 months for Dharma study and avoid any unnecessary travel. It is necessary to have temple’s abbot. The Senior Venerable Maha Boonlerd has a meeting among the monks’ committees to delegate; Venerable Jundee Bhikkhu has been assigned to be abbot till present.
*The Venerable Jundee is the Buddhist Preceptor was ordained as a first-generation by Luang Por Chah.

Observances Timetable Practice/Schedule of visitors:

Morning session    03.00 hrs.: Bell signals, the prayers meditate together at the chapel.

04.00 hrs. : Morning prayers and meditation.

05.00 hrs. : Cleaning the temple and the stays.

08.30 hrs. : Offering food & refreshment to Buddhist monks, then just dining.

09.30 hrs. : Help clean & clear tableware & cafeteria, wash up the dishes.

11.00 hrs. : Make your own personal business.

Afternoon session  13.30 hrs. : Join the meditation at the chapel (or Thai house in some cases.)

15.00 hrs. : Bell signals, join together to clean the temple area, bathrooms and toilets

16.30 hrs. : Offering refreshments to Buddhist monks, and then drinking refreshment.

17.00 hrs. : Make your own personal business.

18.00 hrs. : Bell signals, the prayers meditate together.

19.00 hrs. : Evening prayer, sitting meditation, listening to the preaching.

(Reasonable time for going back to the stays.) *Only Buddhist Holy Day can meditate all night at the chapel.

How to meditate?

Anapanasati practice (Breathing Meditation)


Wat Pa Ampawan is located at Moo 12,Baan Huai Din Dam, Nong Ree subdistrict, Muang Chonburi district, Chonburi province, Zip code 20000. If travelling by motorway from Bangkok, exit the motorway at the signpost ‘turn left to Ban Bueng’ district. Turn left at the signpost to Banbung Road about 500 m. You will see a pedestrian overpass. Drive right and turn back about 50 m. You will see Wat Nong Ree and Wat Pa Ampawan signposts. Drive straight is about 3 km. There is a sign pointing to the left. Go straight another 2-3 km. There is Wat Pa Ampawan, Chong Mafuang reservoir signpost; turn right and go to this line 2 km. until to the end of this line.

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