Wat Pooritadpatipataram

Wat Pooritadpatipataram

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This temple is practice line luang poo Munt
First abbot kru Suthitummarungsri that build
This temple in year 2524, by the faculty believe
in to dedicate the real estate to
luang Ta Mahar Buar and then has invitation kru Suthitummarungsri is abbot.
Abbot : Boonchuay Panyavanato
Contract information :
Rule : 04.00 a.m. morning chanting , 01.00 p.m. evening chanting

In the temple
Poolitad pagoda
Is a big building in the temple that kru Suthitummarungsri invitation
to worship luang poo Munt Pulitad and inside had the
Buddha's relics

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