Wat Na par pong

Wat Na par pong

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Founded temple by Abbot Keugrit Sottiparlo.
After one term of ordination. During his retreat/seclusion with 2 traveling Buddhist Priests to practice prayer at the rice field gave by his mother, located at Pathum Thani Province. Later he ordained for 5 year-old, then it is the time to have lived alone, the only him can rely on the tranquil serenity as well as studying the Dhamma and discipline from Buddha’s word in parallel. And the temple has been developed later in 2545 (2002) or around 8 years, since he came to perform prayers at this place. He has set up and registered a temple in the forest undergrowth up till now.

Standard reaching practices:
One who ordains in this temple should have the time at least 1 month for ready staying in white cloth before 2 weeks in the started period of ordination. And more about 1 week for training the observance of precepts ministers concern. Because the ordination in short-term will make a little advantage and building risk with a mistake in the monkhood easily.

1. Register at foundation of Buddha office during 0900-1200 o'clock
2. Able to rest the Dharma Practice not exceeded 30 days.
3. Be polite and self-control in the body and mind.
4. Bringing the individual tools and equipment for living/eating
5. Not using communication in the place
6. Clean the residence, shut the door-window, turn off the water - electricity before getting out.
7. Don't waste anything, such as soap.

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