Wat Phu Sangkho

Wat Phu Sangkho

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                “Wanchai, occupy dharma whole of his heart.” (Praised by teacher, Luang ta maha Bua.)


Wat Sangkho Yana Visutti Sophon (Wat Phu Sangkho, Wat Pa Sangkaram), or the people called “Wat Soeng Koeng” is a peaceful temple for practicing strictly. Forest temple is an ideal place for accelerating the prayer seriously. Venerable Wanchai Vijitto is the president.


                There will be evening prayers on Wednesdays and Saturdays between the monks and the worshipers who stay at the temple. The prayer starts at 5 pm in only Pali for 1 hour, then rest for about 15 minutes, and meditate together. Meditation is started with the opening of the sermon tape of Luang ta maha Bua for about 1 hour, then meditate until 8 pm, and go back to their cubicle.

How to meditate?

                There is only one meal and no electricity. The practitioners must write a letter to the master first. Jongkrom and depends on how you’ve practice.


                Wat Phu Sangkho Yana Visutti Sophon or Phu Sang Kho Temple is located in Ban Kud Mak Fire, Moo 1, Kud Mak fire subdistrict, Nong Wua Saw District, Udon Thani Province. The distance from Udon Thani to Ban Kud Mak fire, Nong Wua Saw district is about 60 kilometers.

Getting there: From Udon Thani downtown on Udon-Loei Road, arrive at the junction to Nong Wua Saw district. Turn left about 22 km, go straight continue through Nong Wua Saw on the paved road until almost the end of the road, turn left to Ban Kud Mak Fire. Along the paved road, there is a sign to turn left. And ask for the way to the end of the paved road, there will be a turn right way then continue to the temple.

Or travel from Udon Thani by a two-row car (Songthaew) to go to Ban Kud Mak fire. Sit till the end of the distance, and tell him to deliver at Phu Sang Kho Temple. Songthaew know all the cars. The villagers will call wat Soeng Koeng or Phu Sang Kho Temple. Most will know.


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