Wat Doi Thammachedi

Wat Doi Thammachedi

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                Dharma millionaire


                Wat Nong Sawan, 9 Moo 7, Ban Nong Sawan, Nong Au subdistrict, Nong Wua So district, Udon Thani province, is the registered name of Buddhism Monastery Department, National Buddhism Office. In the past, known as Wat Pa Gaysorn Silakun Thamma Chedi (Wat Phu Pha Daeng), or some say that Pha Daeng cave temple is an informally name. Summary is the same temple. It has a temple area of 6,250 rai, built in 1990 by luang pu Lee Kusaladharo as monk subject and Ven. ajarn Wanchai Vijitto as an abbot.

Formerly, it is a deserted temple. There is a pavilion behind the cave in the east of the current temple location. Between 1985 and 2003, the government moved the village of Pha Ngam out of the National Forest, so the temple was deserted for many years. Later in the year 2532, the temple of Phu Pha Daeng was surveyed that enough to live? Then Luang Pu along with two monks and novice traveled to Phu Pha Daeng. So began the construction and the ever-increasing number of saints.


                Nong Wua So area began to eat me faster than anywhere else, so please come early for those who want to offer food to monk. Now, please respect luang pu outside sterile room.

You have the habit of speaking less, being respectful of the teachings of the teacher. Normally, Luang Pu Lee respects the teacher is importantly, among other things. When luang ta maha Bua; his teacher came out to help the nation by receiving gold donation for worshipping the most respected teacher. He has donated more than 500 kilograms of gold to show his appreciation to parent-like teachers. Do not stick to the place same as luang pu.

Time to worship and make merit:

6-8 am    morning

2-5 pm    afternoon

How to meditate?

Anapanasati practice (Breathing Meditation)


Travel from the province of Udon Thani, follow the Udon Thani - Nong Bua Lumphu route. At kilometer 24, turn left along the road no. 2315 to Nong Wua So about 10 kms, the entrance will be labeled Wat Kesorn Silakun Thammajaydee (Wat Phu Pha Daeng). Turn left another 6 kms to the temple (entrance to the temple between Ban Mak Ya - Ban Nong Au).


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