Wat Pa Na Khun

Wat Pa Na Khun

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                Peaceful along the forest.


Wat Pa Nakhun is a temple for practice of Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta line. Luang pu Boonmee Paripunno is the first disciple of luang ta maha Bua Yannasumpanno. He has practiced at Wat Pa Ban Tad for 28 years old. Then, he built this temple in 1990 and became the abbot. The villagers believed him so much. He spoke little but practice very hard. He has been said by luang ta Bua that he has succeeded and became a saint. General temple is wild and there are cloisters in the wood. Now he moved to Wat Pa Silapon, his hometown.

How to meditate?

                Anapanasati (breathing meditation) or pray wording "Buddho"


                From Udon Thani, head to Nong Khai. After passing the train crossing, turn left to Ban Khor, Ban Phue district. When passing Ban Phue market, turn right through Ban Phue hospital intersection. There will be direction signpost. About 8 km to Wat Pa Na Khun, Ban Phue, Udon Thani.


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